Drones will be the future!

Drones will be the future. A future which is almost here. We of UTMEurope want to help this future be here a little faster. We are building air traffic management systems, so the airspace can be shared by a variety of flying vehicles. Our goal is to integrate UTMEurope in European air traffic management so that low and high flight traffic can cooperate and fly together in coordinated matter.

Our UTM system sets itself apart on several levels. For one, we have an extra U5 development phase for our UTM system.(More on development phases here.) In this phase we want to have a fully autonomous U-space.
In addition to this, we also want to add a matching system. This way drone pilots can match up with drone owners and find jobs.
Using dronerader24, an extension of UTMEurope which is accessible to everyone,  everyone will be able to see where all the drones are flying, can anonymously report incidents and if a crashed drone is found you can report it too. 
We will also provide static information for our users. This is information on all kinds of topics. For example information on the weather, advice on regulations and information on pilots (flown km’s, reliability).