About us

Drone technology is exploding. As is the number of drones and pilots. In order to maintain oversight we need a solution. That is where we come in. We can provide this solution. Unmanned Traffic Management Europe is the solution for making sure the increasing drone flights will be overseeable and safe. We are building the virtual roads of the future by creating this UTM system.

Core principles


Safety is our number one priority. In order to make sure everything works smoothly we have created multiple protocols and safety measures. For example being able to take over a drone and avoid collisions in mid air. 

We strive to make our system avaliable for every type of drone. No matter what brand. You can also register multiple drones at the same time. The system is easy to scale up and suitable for all operations.


Ready for the future

Due to our adaptability we are ready to take in the future. New types of drones can easily be inserted into the system.