noise disturbance caused by drones

The Dutch law has a limit pertaining the amount of noise a drone can make. However drones will never be completely silent. Out UTM systems takes this into account by keeping track how much noise a certain drone makes at a certain height. Because real-estate and land owners can enter their noise preferences into our system, we can take this into consideration and cause less disturbance.

In addition to this, Natura2000 and similar organisations can also enter their wishes (and sometimes demands) concerning noise levels into our system. In this case it is important to be realistic. During the winter period there is no need to enact a no-fly-zone because of incubating birds. That is why our UTM has several options that can be taken into consideration. Among other thing one can enter the time period, geographical location and acceptable noise level.

Drones and privacy

One of the functions of our UTM system is the ability to enter wishes about your land of real-estate. This is an expantion of the privacy laws already in place. However these remain wishes and are not laws. Pilots, those not using UTM Europe, are out of our hands. Naturally, our system follows all the laws about privacy. We just also take into account the wishes of the people.

The variables which can be entered into our system have yet to be determined.