Interecting with normal air traffic

Drones usually fly at a maximum of 120 meter above the ground. Usually there are no aiplanes at that height. However the highest hill in the Netherlands is 322 meter. This means that drones can fly at a height of about 450 meter. Proper interaction between 'normal' air traffic via the current ATS-B network and the from 2021 new control network is essential. That why we integrate the normal air traffic into our UTM system. 

A possible implementation is by creating dynamic No-Fly-Zones around each airplane flying lower than 120 meter. This means drones can automatically not fly around those areas. 

In addition to this, the air traffic control can access our UTM. This way  air traffic controllers can make drones wait, fly a different course or altitude, land at a VTOL spot, or take a different course od action. This could be per drone, but also for all drones in a specific area. Our system will operate completely according to Eurocontrol's ConOps rules and more.