Illegal drones

While we can take care of as much as possible  with our UTM system, it is impossible to have control over illegal drones. What we can do is take them into account and evade them.

That is why we want to connect our UTM to a nationwide drone detectionsystem which registers all flying objects in the airspace up to a 120 meter above the ground. These flying object could be: illegal drones, open category drones, toy drones, but also a bird flock.  If we were to substract all known drones from all known flying object, we would be left with either a bird or an illegal drone. Looking at the flight pattern we can distinguish between the two. From there on measures can  be taken in order to get rid of the illegal object. What these measures are allowed to be depends on the rules and regulations the government will create.

What we can do, is place counter attack drones on stategic spots where the appropiate action can be taken when this is authorised .

Counter attack drones

These are drones operated by the police, the army or a specialised unit to take down illegal drones. In our opinion shooting down drones with a strong jammer is not an option. Not only will the drone crashland, but the jammer will also interfere with other drones. This should only be used in special threatening circumstances.

Our proposition is to have counterdrones on stand-by at strategic spots. These drones will be equipped with technology that can take down illegal drones in a safe way.